Is it bad to sleep with earphones every night

Is it bad to sleep with earphones every night?

Nowadays, it has become a trend or hobby to sleep while listening to music with headphones. While many people ask that is it bad to sleep with earphones every night?  As such, these headphones have no side effects on the ears but the long use of music can be problematic.  

Sometimes, you have to sleep in the room that faces a road street, so you have to face traffic noise all the time. All these gadgets have been designed with the functionalities to block the background noise. In this case, sleeping with earbuds can make your sleeping much comfortable and safe. 

Well, let’s discuss it in detail!

Can headphones choke you in your sleep? 

According to some reviews, headphones will cause comfortable sleep but, in some reviews, these headphones caused irritating sleep. While sleeping with music, you might need to change the volume and sometimes this music can disturb your sleeping. So, it depends upon you that how you are using them. 

In very noisy and busy cities, the noise of traffic, vehicles, animals, machines, and humans can distort while sleeping at night. In this scenario, a high-quality pair of headphones can be a game-changer by providing a peaceful sleep at night. 

Thus, sleeping headphones stream songs and sound in the same way as normal headphones do, but they are more convenient. Over-ear and strap styles are the best nighttime headphones. So, you can say, they have no side effects on your ears while sleeping. 

How to sleep with headphones without breaking them? 

If you are a back-sleeper, you can conveniently use the headphones over-night without any problem and breaking them. There are too many ways of using headphones if you addict to listening to music during night sleep. 

Necessarily, you have to look for wireless headphones that will help you out to sleep contentedly without getting irritating by the wires. This way, you can take pleasure in your music and sleep at the meanwhile by not breaking them. 

Following are some factors that will help you to sleep wearing headphones without breaking them. So, let’s talk about them in detail! 

  1. Try to sleep in a different position 
  2. Use the perfect pillow 
  3. Use Bed-phones 
  4. Use the Sleeping Bands 
  5. Use the normal headphones 
  6. Close your thoughts before sleeping

Is it bad to sleep with earphones every night? 

Using the headphone in safe mode can be fine and will have no side effects on your ears. These headphones will deliver you music that will relax you and help you to sleep in a better way. As you know, misuse of any gadget can be harmful to you. 

That’s why you have to make sure that you are using them by following the below-given instructions; 

  • Try to avoid listening to the music at very high volume because it can be problematic for your ear canal 
  • Do not make it your routine of every night 
  • Prefer earbuds that have no pressure on your ears while sleeping 
  • Try to purchase high-quality earphones if you want to use them during sleep 

These headphones are manufactured with hassle-proof material that helps to block external sound. So, if you are using the earphones by following proper instructions then these headphones will not harm you. You can easily and safely use them without any hassle. 

Listening to music while sleeping good or bad? 

If you are using high-quality headphones and using them appropriately, then there is no chance of any danger. But if you are using them in an inappropriate and bad way, then it can be a bit problematic for you. 

Following are some risk factors that will answer the question that what happens if you sleep with earphones. 

  1. Wax Buildup in the Ears
  2. External Otitis
  3. Hearing Impairment
  4. Make a Safety Balance
  5. Demise by necrosis

Wax Buildup in the Ears

If you are using the headphones for a very long period without missing them any night then it will cause wax buildup in your ear. You do not need to be more concerned about it as there is wax formed in everyone’s ear. But an excessive amount of earwax can affect your hearing capability. 

External Otitis 

The excessive use of headphones regularly can be the cause of external otitis. In this condition, the unwanted fluid starts entering your ear that will cause pain and irritation around your ear. As a result, your ear canal will start peeling off and lessen your hearing ability. 

Hearing Impairments 

Using the headphones at the volume of 60-dB to 80-dB will not affect your ears and hearing ability. But if you are using headphones and listening to music above this level then you would have to face problems. Your ear-canal and eardrums will severely affect and reduce the hearing partially.  

Make a safety balance 

In some rare cases as if there occur any emergency or fire case, you will not hear the sound of the alarm. This will be very dangerous for you as the earphones will block all the external sound. So, you must have to follow the precautions! 

Demise by necrosis 

The state of necrosis is very rare and can occur in very severe conditions. When the permanent, high-volume noise will be going in your ears, it will result in tissue damage that is surrounding your ears. Also, it may lead to the death of the person. 

Benefits of Sleeping with Headphones

Following are some important benefits of using headphones while sleeping; 

  • Blockage of outer noise 
  • Relaxation with white noise 
  • Appropriate for insomnia patients and PTSD patients 
  • Provide better sleep overnight 
  • Boost up the manufacture of Serotonin 
  • Keep you secure and safe 


This article revolves around the factors of is it bad to sleep with earphones every night. I have tried my best to deliver enough information to eradicate this confusion. So, after reading this article, you have come to know that either you should use headphones while sleeping or not. 

If you have found this content interesting and informative then do share your experience and remarks with me. Also, share this article with others to promote it! 

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